Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My folks told me my childhood home in the heart of the posh Harvard Yale neighborhood had been completely ripped open waiting for an impending remodel. 
The remodel is 3 decades over due, maybe even 4. 
I lived there my whole life until I married….
They also told me my oldest sister cried when she saw it. 
It was overwhelming to see. 
Not because of what was gone or what will never be again but because of what IS.
I honestly know every single centimeter of this house and land.  I could trace the concrete ridges in the that bottom step from memory alone.  I know the shadows, the sounds, the smells, the faces in the cracks in the tile.  A life time was lived there dreaming of turning the house upside and living on the ceiling, of breaking world records for swinging while listen to Cool & the Gang.  The pool, the dog, the cats, my sisters.  Something about raspberries, a backyard pool, cousins, and a boat.  For me it will never be gone every night when I dream of a house it is always this house, forever perfectly imprinted in my heart and soul. 
My bedroom window, if walls could speak...
They say 'you can never go back home'.
I think home is something you never really leave behind.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

and you thought spiders were scary

Holy Emesis, don't get me started on feelings about puke! For someone who loves blood and guts I sure can take my fear of regurgitation to levels unseen in the standard Nut House.  Poor Beach puked after a lot of warning that this might happen.  Rolled over in my bed and threw up right off the edge like it was a ship at sea, only it wasn't a ship it was my sheets, the leather side boards, the pile of laundry the lazy maid left just sitting there.  When it happened I was about to eat something, this is the second most messed up part of this sick tale, intelligent me was busy pushing some limits.  It was about 6 pm and over the course of the day I had a 1/4 of a banana, 2 cups of coffee, and a four mile run with a side of 10 minutes of hill sprinting.  What I was about to eat at the moment I heard, "Mom, (wreck)..." was going to make up for all that or all that it wasn't

At any rate I can assure you I'm not going to starve to death, I am well above my fighting weight (it would be fair to say if we were the Donner's I'd be the main course) & my attention span just isn't that long.  The issue is the hypo in the room, the hypoglycemic who thought...I don't know what I was thinking but it wasn't about puke in my future. 

So me and my best friend bleach got to work. I opened every door and window even though it was really cold, ran through the hot water in the water heater twice, used a full gallon & a half of bleach, rewashed any & all clothing, sheets, blankets, towels, etc. that were free ranging in the house with laundry soap and hydrogen-peroxide. I took all the dishes out of the cupboards washed them in the dishwasher and bleached down the whole kitchen, even the coffee pot wasn't spared just in case.  I filled the sink with boiling water and soap and more bleach and washed the floors and bathrooms.  Then I had a moment where I thought I should burn the place down. (It is still an option.)
Luckily, Beach is feeling better this morning, asking for seconds of banana-smoothie and wanting to order things like the menu form the Titanic(damn infomercials!).  I however am refusing to touch anything or let anyone touch me.  Even B.C. bringing coffee got the third degree "Did you wash your hands? What did you touch getting this? Did you set this down any where on the way up?"...needless to say I need to find a way to chill out and for some strange reason we seem to be out of bleach.   

And PS From the other day...I did get my pear(s), my coffee, my real friend, and my moment in the sand.  Thanks LD.  

Friday, May 25, 2012

and the little one said roll over

Okay, I can admit something is a tiny bit wrong. 
First I was cold when no one else was, then tired, then asleep with reports from Beach that no matter how much she tired to get me up I wouldn't wake up... 
Let's dispel the #1 rumor: No, I was not asleep for 10 hrs as reported by the Wedgie-Master.  It was 2 & 1/2 episodes of PBS that makes it an hour & 15 min... and for part of that I wasn't asleep because I know that Arthur got new glasses and it made him act like a jerk and that a dog on Martha Speaks ate a rock.

I'm not running myself into the ground. 
I'm not over worked. Or under played.   
I might be a touch old but that isn't it either. 
I am feeling over-populated & under funded (I spent all my allowance [medical funds allotment] on donations for make-a-wish. yeah, what ya going to do friends & kids in need?).
Here is me making my own wish: a dog, a desert, a ripe pear (magically not bruised in the pack), a tent, running shoes. 

You think anyone would notice if I just sneaked away?  Yeah, I suppose they might after all it is a long holiday weekend, Step Son included- this place needs a Wife. Especially since BC's first official crowning move of this weekend was getting Fish locked up in the PSA clink, 'the lost & found for unaccompanied minors' because he was late to pick him up at the airport.
Changing my wish: pear (in any condition), a clean sandbox, a large black coffee, & a real friend. 

really, I would but...

Yesterday I learned the hard way Cliff Bars are not for breakfast. (41 grams of carbs was pushing my luck a bit)

I learned that even a librarian can boss me around. I said, "I want to renew these." And she ignored me and returned them, so I let her...

I discovered I can get a great ab work out watching a DVD on the life of Harry Houdini.

Out on assignment: I got to know the 99% digging for worms.

I learned no matter how many shots you take if the row of honey buckets are in the pic the shot sucks :/  But I got an e-mail that began with 'Aloha Misty'...<3 so it was worth it.

And out with BC...
I suspected Wild Mushroom Pizza wasn't really about pizza so we left to eat somewhere else.

We learned that if you say "See you tomorrow, Beach." While leaving her at gym, her new coach sort of freaks out "What do you mean tomorrow?!?!"

I won back the 'bad movie choice award' with 7 Below...not only did Val Kilmer get killed first, he was fat, very fat.

And today I would have already worked out but this giant wall and snarling dog are in my way...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

a good wife

BC has been busy.  First he tore down the entire back fence. 
We are talking about a lot of fencing...  
That was 45 post holes.
Trimmed or removed 4 trees & stumps.
Four trips to a storage lot.
About the same number of dump runs.
One trip to get a permit (shocking!).
Then he rebuilt the fence some of it wood and some of it like the pic below where he reused the chain-link.
And he did it all busting butt for over a week in the hot sun, in the rain, with only one other person helping him, his 68 yr old father...
Now the dogs have a giant playpen! & a very old shoe.  In appreciation as I watched the last links go up and BC exhausted lowering the nail-gun by its cord over the fence I screamed,  "Don't you dare do that, you f*$#er!!!"  And I ran away swearing with him calling after me.  "Baby, we've been over this a thousand times. It can't shoot you like that.  You have to have your hand on the trigger..."

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

surfing the gsl

Sometimes BC gets an idea....
Some are more dangerous than others. 
Q) How do I feel about surfing the Great Salt Lake?
A) stingy. cold. strange. stupid. 
So, 60 degree air & 60 degree water waves at the 5.
Let stupid begin!
Set I
Little Surfer Girl gets in on the act
Set II, getting colder...
Stupid strange cold stingy fun!!!