Saturday, July 5, 2014

independence day on the farm

We all milled around in the grass watching them. Everyone of us, dogs, cats, chickens, and people. Captured by the sight of simple minded birds free ranging for the first time. 
Freedom day for the turkeys fell on July 4th.
Turkeys break all the farm rules. They go from nursery coop to yard dwellers.  
All summer in a day. 
 They skip the slow graduation process the chickens go through to gain their freedom. It is their size that enables them to do this. The only thing dangerous to them is themselves. It is so nice to see turkeys in the yard again! 
Free range turkeys are a 24/7 vaudeville act. 
The rest of it is Mayberry... 
Unit it comes to these two wiseguys...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

life in the family lane

Bowling, a perfect family night activity. Soccer playing on the tv, beers on the table, and a kid who is over the moon about getting a small icy root beer for herself.  
We had been trying to go bowling for months, yes literally months! Tuesday night we finally made it happen. Of course I had to reassure the 10 yr old that she would be in bed at a reasonable hour. A lie as it turns out.  At 9:15 with 2 frames left in the second game she informed her parents it was time to wrap this up she had to get home to bed- she had to get up early for gym.
The list of small victories for the day:
For the first time Beach saw the mirages on the hot road.  Never before has her vision been good enough for her to see them! (thank you Yellow Car game)
I broke 100 on my first game AND was bowling with a 12lb ball, not a little 8lbs kiddo one! Got stronger wrists? *Multiple small fractures from way-back-when in my wrists had left them weak and troublesome. >oh-yeah, stronger!<
BC, while on the phone playing contractor bowled a strike. Honestly?! 
He also bowled a 185 in the second game!
Under the nothing new category: we were still not allowed to talk to or make noises before, during, or after Beach bowled. 

Picking up a spare. 
And BC breaking the no talking rule. 

Bowling magnificently while on the phone.
Must have been the monogrammed screen name that gave him his super bowling powers.