Sunday, June 30, 2013

backyard water

little dog lost

 We found this little dog twice today.  Once while BC and I were out running along the river.  He was lying in the middle of the trail.  We stopped to make sure he was okay and it seemed at the time he lived across the street from where we were so we left him there.
 It wasn't until we sauntered into the local market to buy cherries and potatoes for dinner and found him again that realized he was a true lost dog!  Beach and a nice homeless man sat together and gave him water out of their cups. Then we took him home for a snack and called animal control.  The Officer was so sweet "Is this the lost kid?" He asked.  Luckily the little guy has a chip and hopefully he is sound asleep on his own sofa by now. 

that cat

 Yep, she's home <3

float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

 Oh sure I'm smiling just finished a nice hot run with BC and the dogs.  AND a yellow jacket!!! Crossing one of the bridges I got hit right under my left arm, that'll mix things up on a Sunday morning jog, lots and lots of swearing but I didn't quit.  In fact I think I ran faster after that.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

there are aliens among us

It isn't all that often one of my friends is desperate enough to ask me to watch their children but from time to time it does happen.  The odds were in my favor: 2 little ones vs. 2 ninjas, me, & a watermelon!
 B says, "cheeezeee"

(I showed their mom these pic's and she said, "I don't want you to not be on facebook.")


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

you had better not have...

It was like watching dominoes falling on super 8 film. A phone call, a reminder of a photo of a rash on cell phone, and another phone call.  In a strange twist of fate I just found out I was exposed to parvovirus B19 (fifths disease) from 3 totally separate sets of children within 48 hrs of each other.  So if you are one of my friends who thinks you accidentally exposed me trust me you're in good company; all my best friends are doing it.

He writes: You had better not have.  This is a joke, right?
I respond: I’m not joking.
Him: Sets of children? What are doing with sets of children?  Never mind that is not important.  Are you at home? I know it is late I’m calling….

Halfway through the conversation joking about his nonrefundable vacation plans his tone changed, “No seriously, you should come in.”  Those are not the words you want to hear from your doctor even over the small things- so I didn’t. I ignored them.  After all the virus is really nothing to most people and even less of nothing to most adults.  The main issue to the Doc seems to be the length of incubation 4-21 days and the way it halts red blood cell production.  He worries over that amount of time I would forget the exposure, not see the signs until I was in trouble.  He was undaunted by my brushoff feeling the whole imaginary pending disaster could be headed off, “I will order the blood test.  If you test positive we will need to line up an antibody transfusion and I have no idea how long that will take I'm not a Pediatrician... can't you just stay away from sets of children?"
"I really can't, children are the best kind of sets of people around...."

Living life on the edge of the fine print.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Don't get me wrong I sort of miss face book... And if you think you missed some major event in my life where I melted down and deleted my fb account out either social or political protest you didn't. I got up, drank coffee, checked face book, laced my running shoes, and went for a run.  When I came home it was gone, all that was left to do was remove the short cut from my desk top.  
"Do you think the same way removing the alarm clock from your bedroom helped you sleep at night that removing the constant noise of social media would help you?"

The strange answer is yes.  
Without the alarm clock I still wake in the night the difference is I fall back asleep and I seem to have less nightmares.  Unplugging is having a similar effect in my waking life.  Standing here at the point that people have begun to notice, the poll I wasn't taking on my fb absence is split 50/50; those people with whom I had daily or nearly daily contact on fb don't care or said 'good for you' and those people who like me to be convenient for when they want to reach me are pissed. So, I'd say unplugging solved a second problem I didn't know I had, but something I think I was feeling all along.  I have had some pretty serious security issues too that password protecting & blocking did not fix.  There were enough of them I found myself editing content just in case, that fear and pressure I can definitely live without. 


I have lots of good friends in real life who know where to find me, people who I trust will understand and take the time to stop by and see me or to call me when a party is scheduled especial if it is scheduled for my house! And I haven't cut off the world [obviously] or dropped of the planet.  But I have let go something I felt compelled to have to tend to.  It's not you fb it's me...really.  I think for a lot of people fb is just good fun as it turns out it isn't for me. I don't know if I will go back.  Right now I am just going forward.