Sunday, December 30, 2012

night drives

There were half a dozen things bouncing around in my head as I took the heavy bend in the icy road leading to Primary Children's Medical center late last night.  I haven't done the math but between years of working at the U, going to school, medical training & research, and sick kids I have probably made this drive a few thousand times or more.  Last night was different in a way, it was the first time the kid heading to emergency medicine was driving himself.  I was in chase a few minutes behind him.  Here is where I reluctantly thank Josh for the push to send me after I had already talked myself out of going with an 18 yr old about to be 19 needing a simple hand x-ray. This is also where I try to ignore the fight it caused between BC and me (out of his concern for me) as I left already too sick and tired to be out alone that late. And the idiocy of the desperately stupid phone call placed to one of my best friends, Brandon, on the eve of his birthday (wow could I be any more selfish?! so sorry....) because I needed a safety net.
There is a part of us that knows the people in our lives love us and would do anything for us if we only ask and there is the part us that knows the reality of when you are driving in the dark alone, you are alone in the dark...
Then there is the look on the face of a man-boy when he sees his mother walk in from the frozen darkness of a late December night to glaring lights of the busy ER. It's not very often one gets to let their kids know you are there for them for more than necessity but by choice.

In the end he would have been better off without me, nothing too broken but when the Doctor takes a liking (for reason unknown) to your mother they tend to hang out longer, talk longer, review the x-rays twice, walk back in the room for no reason at all and linger.  My man-boy leaning into me to whisper, "Mom, please just give him your phone number so we can get out here..."

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

medicine gone south

Me: My eye hurts and it is watering but nothing looks wrong.
Him: Under stress?
Me: Yep.
Him: Still a diabetic?
Me: Yep.
Him: Find yourself between the ages of 30 to 50?
Me: Smack-dab.
Him: Got fatty blood and a full figure?
Me: That was a nice way to put it...hum don't know the first but yes to the second.
Him: The answer to the first is (NO). Obviously you failed to study for this quiz.  You are not a well informed healthcare consumer, this concerns me.
Me: Yeah, so the eye....(?)
Him: You either have a textbook stye or you are crying because you are an aging stressed-out diabetic and you miss me.
Me: You forgot fat.
Him:  Full figured, yummy.
Me: ....
Him.  Yes, the eye.  Use a clean lint free cloth as a warm compress for 10 minutes 4-5 times to aid in healing and for pain relief.
Me:  I have never had a stye before....(?)
Him: You probably do not have one now either.  Knowing you most likely you scratched your eye with the back of your gloves while you were running. You do it at least once every season.
Me: Then why in the hell did you tell me it was a stye?!
Him: I wanted you to feel you were getting your moneys worth.  And to cover my ass.  The treatments are identical.  Anything else you would like me to misdiagnosis for you?  We could play Emergency Room Medicine, the treat-em-and-street-em vision.
Me: (that was not nice!) but opposed to what the Kill 'em & Bill 'em version?
Him:  Be still my beating heart! The Lady is fast to defend her chosen field and yet cannot help but to one up me on the insult!  Have I ever asked you to marry me?
Me: Many times in fact once you gave me a prescription for it but I'm afraid it has expired.
Him: I will write you a new one. RX: Take me twice and wake me up in the morning.  I am so cleaver.
Me: yes, that is a nice way to put it.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

a brief dysfunctional history of our family Christmas tree

Year one 2002:  No tree.  I was on trauma call and BC was in New England.
Year two 2003: A learning experience for a newly blended family.  Don’t ever go get a tree straight from the swimming pool at night (in winter) with 4 children it will not end well.  There will be frozen hair and crying. Lots of crying.
Year three 2004:  The year we discovered table top trees in response to a new dog and a toddler- who knew the toddler could climb like that...
Year four 2005: table top tree
 Year five 2006:  First year on the farm and the last year BC would go out in public to get a tree with me all because I drank road side tequila from an old soda bottle.  Tree Guy offered it to me, it was fantastic tequila, but I don’t remember the tree.
Year six 2007: table top tree
Year seven 2008: table top tree
Year eight 2009:  Guilt ridden over ruining Beach childhood with small trees I tried to surprised her with a big tree.  I put a little rosemary tree on the porch in front of a big fat full sized fur tree then told her to go see who was at the front door.  She opened the door loved the little tree.  Didn’t even notice the big tree.  When I pointed it out to her she hated it.
Year nine 2010: Couldn’t find a table top tree and had to fork over way too much cash to get a ‘small’ tree.
Year ten 2011: Christmas tree so small it didn’t fit in the tree stand so I put it in a fish bowl. Rocked it that one!!!!
Year eleven 2012:  Told BC the tree thing was up to him this year.  So A few days ago he dragged home a potted tree from Home Depo pronounced it our Christmas tree then told us not to get too attached to it wasn’t really ours.
Merry Christmas!!! 
Pray for snow!!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

BC goes to work

These pic's are of the house BC and his dad have been remodeling.  
It is about to go on the market in the greater SLC area...
main room: skylights and a big wood burning stove
open stairs divide the open front room from the middle study/tv room
main room: inlay desk and wood floors

main floor hallway: bathroom, bedroom, and front study
window in the front study
first floor bedroom
first floor bathroom
open kitchen with multiple ways in and easy driveway access
title and granite
(large open dining space to the west of the kitchen island not shown)
archway between the middle study/tv room and the kitchen
wood work details
stairway from master loaf/bedroom
outside upstairs deck with mountain views
upstairs master bath (one of three bathrooms in the house)
wood work detail in the master bath
wood shelf details of the master bedroom closet
master bedroom

front room and door
view from the front room of the side door. Not shown stairs leading to the full basement w/ bathroom, laundry, bedroom(s) and family room.
BC does good work! But he obviously doesn't do real estate because he didn't think to take a shot of the outside of the house :) 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

straight to hell

We are at that point in the season where I have to explain:

Yes, we, an agnostic and an atheist, have a nativity scene for Christmas.  And it is a real nice one too, but no, it does not have a Baby Jesus. And no, it isn't some strange religious/political statement. In fact what happened to Jesus is pretty straight forward and could have happened to just about any one: he was eaten.  Moses ate Jesus.

Bad dog.