Tuesday, April 30, 2013


In the middle of The Trail of Tears and other displacement of native peoples BC burst into the kitchen.  "Can you take these?  There is one in pocket too."
 2 + 8 

Monday, April 29, 2013

you get what you pay for

I am so tired I would love for the photos to speak for me but how in the hell could one not smoking crack put today together?!?! Life with BC is an adventure of biblical proportions so let's go with that....The Begot's
Field trip to Doc Brian's begot a flat tire on the freeway which begot a trip to discount tire which begot me throwing a water bottle at the semi truck driver who came within three feet of hitting Beach (& me) while crossing the street to get an ice cream cone which begot....
a spare tire
which begot a massive search for the tiny metal piece that goes inside the tire stem which begot a sad mom because that kid can't see shit including never notice the whole semi truck that nearly ran her over because the trucker couldn't not pull of a U turn across state street so he decided to turn onto the street we were crossing

which begot the collection of little metal pieces because sad mom was very helpful in pointing them out and blocking garage traffic while Beach crawled through a busy parking lot 
which begot us eventually and 2 hours behind schedule to Doc Brian's place 
which begot danger and wicked temptations in many forms behold filled in swimming pools & yet a diving board, hornets, spiders which begot mom's heart to hold unholy words and thoughts about BC, sharp edges which begot mom a sliced open thumb working at the home of a plastic surgeon which begot awkward and the speaking of the lords name.... several time
which eventually begot us getting all our chores done 
those of us working....
which begot horses
hungry horses
thirsty horses
which begot water

Sunday, April 28, 2013

the dogs will follow

 A lot of you know BC took a fall last Sunday (from the height of a 2 story building) while working on the new garage.  On the way down his leg became entangled in the scaffolding.  He was pretty sure he had broken his leg (a painful but small fracture non-displaced).  Since he refused medial care we will never know but considering he decided to go running with Beach and I this morning I would guess not broken.  
 Pretty typical of our family one plan going in two different directions.
 But what I noticed was the dogs I am both blessed and plagued with began following someone else...
Feels a bit like passing a torch.  And while we are talking about those dogs, last week while hiking Old Moses did something that made me realize how old & tired he was.  I know now we are on the downhill slide with him.  I spent a long time on that hiking accepting the gravity of knowing he will never walk that far at one time every again.  We were hiking the last long hike of his life.  Both Beach and I have taken to checking him for signs of life when he sleeping.  I can't help but watch for lasts so to see him trailing Beach & Ginger Dog is bittersweet.   

And yes, Ginger Dog is 3 for 3 in the 'doghouse' with me over the sitting in the road.  On the return run she walks out into the middle of California Ave, sits down, & refuses to come with called.  At no other point on the run is she disobedient, it is mind blowing!

Monday, April 22, 2013