Tuesday, February 3, 2015

honestly, you can't make this shit up...

I really should have know better than to feel like I couldn't handle one more thing going wrong. Especially on day 4 of stalking the mysterious and elusive bank draw that is over due. 

It is a dangerous temptation just begging the Universe to step in and fuck things up even more. 

So I'm cleaning the house, doing the farm shit, & I walk into the mudroom [oh-no don't go in there!]. And there is water gushing out of the top of the washer. 

It is a front loader this should not be happening.

Beach opens the door from the kitchen to ask which one of the identical blue blankets she should pack for the upcoming weekend drive to Colorado to find me standing in front the washer trying to mop up the half inch of water that is on the floor while also attempting to see exactly why the little slot you put the soap in has become a waterfall and she says, "um... Steve." (It's a gym joke).

Well, the mudroom floor is clean.

The Universe? She's not so funny, but the sure kid is!

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