Wednesday, October 24, 2012

walk with me

walk with me
away from all you know
and all you have to do today
abandon yourself to footfalls among the fallen leaves
forget yourself under the shadows of the trees
for there is a softness here you can't find out there
a gentleness not given
walk with me in my silence
 and don't ask me what I am pondering
let me be
here beside you
and nothing more
weave through wet grasses
leap over small streams
make your way slowly
letting smallness take you over
this is heaven's gate...
so unless you intend to lie down in Forever's long sleep
don't stray too far
and don't stay too long in the shelter offered
it is okay to forget yourself
to walk with me here
on the edge
(for a while anyway)
but you must always remember how to find your own way back home
~mlb 10/24/12

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