Monday, October 29, 2012

going in drag

So I'm at a Halloween Party dressed as a 1950's House Wife, the make-up, the hair, high-heels, obnoxiously cute dress.  At this party I know the Host & Hostess their 3 small kids and my kid who I came with but no one else.  Great, my friends tonight are all 10 yrs old and under. *awkward* and the house is packed with all those No-One-Elses I don't know.  I mean packed!!!! The little house is nearly splitting at the seams!
I make my way slowly through the crowd standing alone in each corner of the upstairs like an over grown house plant before heading to the basement hoping to find the familiar face of my kid.  What I found instead was a tattooed man sporting a full beard wearing a child's sized Disney Belle Costume including the wig.
I look at him sitting uncomfortably in his dress and he looks at me standing uncomfortably in my dress and we both mentally agreed somehow we 'know' each other.  Maybe not in a 'we have met before' way but in a 'I get how you are feeling way' and he offers me a seat on the sofa, "Have a seat. We're watching the game." he says roping in the guy dressed as a Mobster sitting lounged out on the other end of the room into our conversation. So I sit with them.  Belle and I discuss the many downfalls of dress wearing, turns out his wife made him wear his.  Suddenly the Hostess bursts in the room rounding up children for the dance party about to begin.  When she sees me, Belle, and the Mobster she laughs, "I knew I would find you down here Misty!"  It is really nice to know that under it all no matter what I am always predictably me.  What is less nice to know is that I find a grown man in awkward Disney drag as my familiar and social equal.  

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