Monday, February 23, 2015

and so it is Hemingway's last stand

There are a hundred things I'm not going to say, but could. What I will do is offer half of an explanation. Over the weekend I discovered this space is no longer mine.  

I have always been aware that the thoughts I publish become echos of themselves, like rocks falling down a canyon wall. Once I have written them I no longer have any say in how they are read or used. What I do have say in is whether or not I continue.    

Before I joined all the other "blogging moms" I wrote for myself.  And I will let you in on a secret- after I joined the world of bloggers I still only wrote for me.  I adored the format of words and pictures together.  I enjoyed the way the random pieces merge creating a larger story.
It doesn't matter to me if what I write is ever seen by another person. In fact, there have been many times while publishing pieces that I have discovered how much I prefer to write for an audience of one.  I'm a selfish (dyslexic) jerk when it comes to writing. I am careless in my rereads, my grammar, my spelling...because what I write is honest, especially my fiction.

Having said that I hope one would understand that I can't stay here in this space writing under the dimness of another woman's shadow. I refuse to edit myself (lol!) and I will never fight a dirty fight when I have the power to simply walk away. But if I may offer her one tiny sandstone peddle of advice: you really should look deep inside yourself and find your own words.   

And so this is me signing off from this blog.  

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places. 
~ Ernest Hemingway ~

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