Thursday, June 26, 2014

remember me?

Due to the early gym/work schedule BC has taken on the primary role of grounds keeper here on the farm. Other than to snag some herbs, a cucumber, or a zucchini for dinner I haven't had the chance to really see the garden in a few weeks. Beach has been bringing me sweet little treasures- piles pf peas and hand fulls of ripe raspberries but I haven't been there....
Since Monday I have been fight a thick fatigue and chest pains. Familiar signs that the chemistry in my body is off. A little frustrating because I was feeling so well until we got back from camping. 
Maybe it was the flour in the pizza crust, or the bread in the French toast, the half serving of pasta in the spinach raviolis- my body just can't handle sugars like those. For weeks I have stayed mostly away from breads, flours, and sugar and I have felt unstoppable.
But being that way meant a lot of planning and work in the kitchen, time to shop & money to spend on me, and the energy to make it to those 5:30 am work outs. 
Of course that is the answer: to be unstoppable again, but before I go there I think I will stay here awhile longer.
Hang out in the garden and play with my sweet cat.


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