Wednesday, August 1, 2012

my bad

Diabetes check box.I have done a lot of things not recommended for some one with diabetes to do, none of which have ended too tragically.  You might say I see the warnings as alarmist and optional.  But as it turns compound W on a diabetic really is the same thing as sprinkling holy water on the undead. 
The trouble started when I began hill running in shoes 1/2 size too big, on the trail the slipping was not much to complain about on the hillside it created two large and painful 'blisters' under my big toes, they are known as corns.  Now why a lump of skin would be this painful is beyond my understanding but holy cow I could barely walk.  I turned to the Internet and the Internet told me to get check out by a doctor or use Compound W unless I was a diabetic. 
Hummmm, might should have listened to that part cause the W has removed lots of skin and not just where I applied it, it spread into surround tissues, now the corns have morphed into ulcers. Which is a slightly sexier condition than having corns, way less painful (no shit, strange huh?) but not so pretty.  And if I am now paying attention to warning labels there is a high risk of infection since I heal slower than a drunk sloth.
My doctor is going to kick my ass, it is a damn good thing (ulcers & all) I can out run him .

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