Sunday, May 5, 2013

another fine day on 10th

 Out front one of the 10th West Irregulars (who won't allow me to photograph him) and BC fixing up the old Snapper!
 Out back the lilac is near bloom
way, way out back the weeds are thriving
 Lady Bug >they bite<
 In the garden putting in the purple haze carrots.  Hope Mrs. K doesn't mind her fine Greek Oregano sharing bed space with a hippy plant!
 Berry blooms in the patch
 Lemonade ninjas at the picnic table
And ninjas in the kitchen popping popcorn!!!
 Free after three chickens marching down the fence line
 In the green house sprouts sprouting
 Putting the old garden back into service with a crop of potatoes
He wants to know if it is okay to buy Old Snapper... really, like I would say no to that. 

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