Thursday, June 21, 2012

extreme northwest Utah

Finally after a week long delay we got out of town for some real educational opportunities!
First stop historic train information.
Beach is totally enthralled.
hum....the weed guy was asleep in his
truck when I snapped this :) I wonder why?
Second stop the golden spike.
It was windy!
Third stop the Great Salt Lake, the old marina,
and the big float.
 Okay anyone ever see Creep show II, the one with the slime that eats the kids out at the lake? Well, it got me and it doesn't really come off.  Good-bye flip-flops.  
It was windy here too.
But it was just about the coolest thing I have ever seen.
We must have spent 2 hours out there just wandering around.
Hi Ginger Dog!
Something disgusting and the Spiral Jetty (not so much)
Then a storm moved in...and vanished.
We ate dinner in an old graveyard before moving on to find camp for the night in the Grouse Creek Range.
Hold on Ginger Dog, how did you get so dirty?
Oh-oh, that's how.
In this family barbed-wire is meant for climbing.
It was a little colder than we planned on it being up in the hills but you gotta love camping with BC he comes prepared...
Well expect for the flat tire...
So we got a flat tire but BC and Fish caught the hissing and put a plug in it. That was a good thing because as it turned out BC didn't pack the jack or a lug wrench.  BC you got a paddle cause you might just be up shit creek? ...I thought this was Rosebud Creek?
Mom wake up we need somebody to calmly freak out.
 Yep, sort of a shitty spot to get a hopeless flat tire.
Let's get our priorities straight: Coffee, lizards, & then petty larceny.
Wait a minute, what was that last one? 
Well see the tire was drivable with the plug in so we drove to the BLM field office over the hill & broke in (family-style). It only meant hopping a gate with a warning on it but it's not like they had a doorbell and it was an emergency.
We knocked but no one was home so the girl said, "Hey look a lug wrench."  And the boy said, "Yeah, if only there was a jack too."  And the girl said, "What's that thing?" So we borrowed their jack which just happened to be laying out in the open.
Our crime spreed didn't stop Grouse Creek we trespassed. 
I am always such a cheerful trespasser.
But we followed all proper gate customs. And thanks to the family tradition known as the 'baptism bet', where you find a body of water on a map such as death canyon res. and sight unseen you commit to full body dunk-age, we were able to be sin free.  Sometimes this bet thing turns out better than other times but we scored after leaving the van 4 miles up an impassable road taking the last 2+ miles on foot...
I give you absolution. Everybody get in!
(nice farmer's tan mom)
Now that little dog is thinking that no one can make her go in but this pic was taken a split second before BC launched her about six feet into the air and into that lake.
Turns out she has a good reason for not loving water,
she can't swim so he had to help her out :(
Cold water: Angry dog but happy mom.
Oh yeah, so back to the whole education thing and on to the Sun Tunnels on the Solstice!
Our last departing piece of educational wisdom is this: The best place to eat in Wendover is not in Wendover but is a Mexican Restaurant in the first truck stop just out of town.
Wow, that was a long 2 days.

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